Our main activities are:

1. Research

  • issues that concern women and mentoring:
  • Intercultural and national impact of these issues?
  • Research to find the best practice to improve the situation and share the know-how about these topics

2. Common projects

  • Common European language- (same words – different meanings)
  • Common guidelines
  • Newsletter
  • Trainings for mentors, organizations and target groups
  • Innovative projects in the field of mentoring
  • Develop a certificate
  • E- Library (database)

3. Dissemination

  • To be more efficient in our work and increase the impact at the European level

4. Public relations

  • Womentor award- criteria
  • Promoting Youth in Action program
  • How to connect successfully with the policy makers and multipliers

5. To force and support the participation of young women

  • leading position in policy and working places
  • decision making position
  • in general

6. Develop further our corporate identity and design
7. Fundraising

  • Strategy for stable funding

Target groups for the activities are:

  • Women and Girls
  • Returners, Newcomers, Business Women;
  • Girls and Women with fewer opportunities (Educational difficulties, Early school-leavers, Social difficulties, Cultural differences, Economic difficulties, Geographical difficulties);
  • Girls and Women in non- traditional fields;
  • Organizations that provide mentoring and training for mentors